Premiumchex is one of the key solution provider for Remotely created checks. Our motto is to deliver the most flexible remote payment solutions for businesses in varied industries viz Collections, Credit Repair,Digital Products,Software Services and many more. Our technology gives your business an advantage to create checks when you want, where ever you want. Using Remotely Created Checks or Remotely Deposited Checks are an effective solution for High volume merchants to get fast payment turnarounds. We are dedicated to provide feature loaded technological solution that makes us the right choice in the industry.

Every project and its business needs are different and our system has what it takes to make it a success for your business. Premiumchex enables you to get onboard with our system quickly and get paid without any hassles of Credit card merchant services and their cumbersome processes.



Cloud Based Interface

Premiumchex is a cloud based solution which satisfies your RCC payment needs for your business creditors and debtors, You can access our system anytime anywhere


Real Time Verification

Our verification API gives you peace of mind by checking the Customer’s information in the NCN database and saving you against bad checks and bad business reputation.


Signature Capture

Our Signature capture feature helps you get the customer electronic signature which helps in ensuring your payment is safe, secure and authorized by customer.


Funds Confirmation

Our Funds confirmation API helps ensures that the customer account is ligit and confirms if the balances are positive.( We do not provide real time fund confirmation at this time)



With our system, you can generate invoice and send to your debtors and get paid. That’s Ezee. Right?



Checks and honor payments as simple as a click. "That’s Ezee. Right?"

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